Wednesday, June 8, 2011


God heard your prayers and Isaiah did extremely well through the procedures/surgeries. This is the first time he recovered from general anesthesia without any episodes. Also, for the first time, we were able to come home on the same day!!! Yep, we can't believe it ourselves! All three procedures went well.

The ear tubes went in without complication and Isaiah had much less pain this time than the first time. Dr. Germiller was very happy with the results. Dr. Flick performed the upper endoscopy with biopsies. He said his esophagus/intestinal track looked healthy and normal. The only slight abnormality he saw was a puckered pyloris, but he doesn't know what that means yet. The next step is to wait a week before the final results from the biopsies come in.

Interventional Radiology, Dr. Keller, placed the GJ tube. He had trouble threading the tube because of Isaiah's abnormal intestinal structures. He is hoping Isaiah will tolerate this new tube. There is a chance this new tube is the wrong size---Isaiah fell in between the 2 sizes they use. Just our luck, huh!?!? Pray that with this new tube there will be no shifting, migration of the tube back into the stomach, leaking, vomiting, diarrhea, infection, or increased pain.

Thank you again for all your prayers, support, emails, notes, and meals. You encourage us more than you will ever know. You are all a part of our extended family. It's great to be loved this much.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Thank you for your continued prayers. Josiah went back to the doctor's office today. His right arm was reexamined and re-xrayed. Thankfully, the ulna bone has not shifted and Josiah DOES NOT need surgery at this time. He will continue with the hard cast for another 2 weeks, then be reexamined and recasted in a water-proof cast. Dr. Minnich was optimistic that Josiah's cast will be fully off by the time of our vacation on July 13th. Please continue praying for a quick and full recovery for Josiah.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 8th, Isaiah goes in for his 3 procedures. We have to be at CHOP Main (in Philadelphia) at 6 AM....ugh! We have to leave the house around 4:30am. Pray for safety as we drive that early in the morning. Also, please pray for Isaiah, the doctors/specialists, and that the procedures go smoothly.

This past weekend we were able to participate in Chris's sister's wedding (Amy) in Lancaster. My 3 men looked awesome! The boys did well and were adorable in their tuxes---will post pictures later. I do have to admit they were quite busy and were always running in opposite directions--pretty difficult when trying to take family pictures. Our friend, Jamie, came with us for the weekend and was a great help. Thanks Jamie!!!! Thanks for praying us through this past weekend.

We will update tomorrow, via the blog, on how Isaiah does through the surgeries. Continue to pray for us as we are quite often too exhausted to pray ourselves. We need the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Right now things are incredibly stressful and I am especially struggling with God's goodness. Thankfully, Isaiah is doing better and has been gaining the lost weight back slowly, since his last hospitalization. We've had to adjust feeds and try new formulas. The doctors don't know why Isaiah cannot tolerate some feeds and can tolerate others. We've been working with a new nutritionist and new GI specialists. Hopefully, they will be able to find a reason for Isaiah's chronic vomiting.

On Wednesday, Isaiah will be having his 6th surgery. He is having 3 procedures done: ear tubes replaced, upper endoscopy with biopsies, and having his G-tube changed to a JG-tube. Isaiah's original ear tubes no longer function (one is out and the other clogged). Fluid is collecting behind the tympanic membranes and he has had multiple ear infections with hearing loss. The endoscopy is to check for damage from all the vomiting. The changing of his G-tube is for a diagnositic study--the JG-tube should only be in for 4 weeks. The JG-tube bypasses the stomach and the feeds go directly into the intestines. If Isaiah stops vomiting completely, then it means that the source of the vomiting is from the stomach and he will need additional surgery on the stomach for the Nissen Fundoplication.

Just today, God decided to push us again. Josiah decided to climb a table outside that we are constantly telling the boys to get off of. Well, he fell breaking the ulna bone of the right arm. Thankfully, he was able to be casted in the ER and he doesn't need immediate surgery. He will be rechecked Tuesday. If the bone has shifted, he will need corrective surgery.

We have an incredibly packed summer and we are just so overwhelmed with all the trials. Please pray for this weekend: Chris's youngest sister is getting married and both the boys and Chris are in it---kinda tough with a cast and tube feeds. Then, surgery for Isaiah on June 8th, MRI of brain/spine with general anesthesia on June 29th. Also, it looks like Josiah will need surgery to remove his adenoids---they are enlarged and he has been having trouble breathing, pain in his sinuses, and snoring for the past year. Finally, it has been exhausting with all the trips back down to CHOP. Pray for strength, safety, and grace.

Please pass on to friends and family. We need all the help we can get. Thanks!