Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Magazine Support - Angelina

Hi everyone,

We wanted to try to help out another couple that we met at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia. They have been at CHOP since October 08. Their daughter had a double lung transplant. Even though she had her transplant and is doing well, her and her family are not out of the woods yet.

They are trying to raise support through magazine sales. If you are looking into getting a magazine or wanted to renew a subscription you already have, please consider ordering through the following website. Joy and I were able to renew one of our magazine subscriptions and we saved about 80% on the cover price.

Please consider helping out this family. This family has been on Family Medical Leave all this time.

Quick Update On Isaiah:
Joy was down at CHOP all day on Friday Aug 14th with 3 appointments lined up. The first appointment was at 9am with Genetics. They looked him over and were amazed at how well he looked. They still were not able to determine the true cause of what Isaiah has. All tests thus far have come back negative. They did take some more blood to run a couple more tests. Joy and I know what really happened. We feel he had trisomy 18 and through ALL OUR prayers, God healed him. It's the only explanation. Let's continue to give our Lord and Savior the Glory He deserves. Please remember to Thank God.

After that, they met with Anesthesia to discuss his surgery coming up. Even though the procedure is supposed to be an outpatient procedure, we had concerns with how Isaiah would do, after the procedure, after being on anesthesia. When Isaiah had his first surgery (at 6 days old), Isaiah kept dropping is heart rate and oxygen level. They said that they would monitor this and if Joy and I felt Isaiah needed more monitoring, they would not force us out the door. This was nice to hear.

Their last meeting was with the Neurologist to go over the possible buildup of the fluid on the brain. After examining him, they felt that the fullness of his fontanels at times was a normal variance for Isaiah. The size of his head has not grown outside normal limits. This is just something we will just have to keep monitoring. Is was great news that there wasn't an excess of fluid, so much so, that it was actually putting pressure on the brain and enlarging his head.

The other praise with all this is we were able to get back in the Ronald McDonald House so we can be down there the night before and night after Isaiah's surgery. We don't have a time for the procedure yet but were told it could be as early as 6am (another reason we are glad to be at the Ronald McDonald House)

I will try to get more pictures up before the next surgery. Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.

Chris, Joy, Josiah and Isaiah

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