Thursday, March 18, 2010


My friend, Jen Black, contacted me to do a fundraiser for Isaiah. He is having right hand surgery Friday, April 16, 2010. It is a complex 3-4 hour surgery that will require 3 months of recovery time, with many trips to CHOP Main and Chalfont for checkups and rehab. If all goes well, Isaiah will only be at CHOP for 2 days. We will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House during that time. Jen works for Pampered Chef, and will be having a show at her house on Friday, March 26th at 7pm. She also has a website that you can purchase products through. If you have any questions, or would like to attend the show, you can contact her through her website or me through our email, to obtain her address and directions. The following instructions Jen gave me for those who cannot come to the party but would still like to order something from Pampered Chef---
Directions for Contributing to the Fundraiser for Isaiah:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Shop Online”
3. Go to option 1 to purchase within a show.
4. Type in "Isaiah Miller"
5. Click on Isaiah Miller
6. Start shopping! I recommend that you immediately go to “Guest Special” and select the item you would like for free. If you don't qualify, it will let you know. It's better to remove instead of forget to do it completely. For the month of March, if you spend $60, you get a choice of a Bamboo Tool Set for FREE.
7. When finished, click on “proceed to checkout.” The website is “VeriSign Secured,” so your information will be protected and no one else (including me, the consultant) will see your information.
8. Thank you for your support of Isaiah!

Below is the details of how this fundraiser helps Isaiah:
• 15 percent contribution goes to cover the extra costs surrounding Isaiah's surgery
• $3 contribution for each booking (if you book a Show, Isaiah gets $3 for each booking)

Jen will be trying to close out the show by March 31st. However, you can still order something in April and the proceeds will still go to Isaiah. Please pass this information onto anyone that may be interested in supporting Isaiah. We would really appreciate it. Thanks for all your love and support!
Below is Jen's Contact information:
Jen Black
Pampered Chef Senior Consultant

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