Sunday, April 22, 2012


On April 6th, we came home from CHOP, just in time for Easter. Isaiah was not fully recovered at discharged, but definitely on the road. It took about another week for Isaiah's system to further adjust to his new tube feeds and to recover from C-diff. Every day, he gets a little bit stronger and attempts to take a few more bites of food. YEAH!!!!!

HUGE PRAISE!!! Talk about awesome--for the first time in 3 years we were able to really play with Isaiah, tackle him, tickle him, just really laugh hard together as a family without him throwing up, stopping because of pain, or stop because of retching. This was huge for us and finally a sign that this last surgery was definitely worth the pain and difficulties we experienced.

A tentative date for the feeding clinic has been set for May 21st. Isaiah will go to Good Shepherd, Bethlehem for approximately 4-8 weeks. It is an inpatient program, so he will be there full time, except for the CHOP visits down in Philadelphia. We are still asking for help to spend time up at Good Shepherd with Isaiah during the day and overnights. Chris and I need a little break from all the running. Plus, we need others to learn the feeding methods in order to help us help Isaiah. Please let us know if this is something you would be willing to do. You can contact us through our email at

Thank you again to all of you that have helped us out over the past 3 months. We couldn't have made it without your support, prayers, meals, letters of encouragement, and other gifts. Each of you play an integral part in this journey with Isaiah.

Please pray for the following:
1. Success at the feeding clinic for Isaiah.
2. That our insurance will help cover replacing the floors that have been ruined from the past 2 years of vomiting and leaking tube feeds.
3. For Josiah--he has been struggling recently with significant asthma flare ups, partly related to the carpeting issue. Pray for his health and also for his sensitive heart as he will be separated again from Isaiah for 4-8 weeks. Josiah didn't do well with being separated so often over these past 3 months.

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