Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yesterday was a good day for Isaiah...Praise the Lord!  Thank you for praying, because God has been answering.  Even though Isaiah still has a significant amount of pain, and needs frequent pain medication rescues, he was able to sit at the side of the bed, to work with Occupational therapy, was out to a chair for a couple of hours, and he was able to pull himself up to a sitting position without any assistance.  He also walked a few steps from his bed to the couch.  Amazingly, I heard bowels sounds today, which is HUGE!  He is asking to drink and eat...also, steps in the right direction.  Unfortunately, he won't be allowed to eat or drink for at least another week.  Pray for patience and endurance in this area for Isaiah, and that maybe God would remove this desire just until he is allowed to have food/drink again.  Please continue to pray for good days and peaceful nights.

It has been nice having Josiah down here this week.  He brings so much joy to Isaiah.  Isaiah asked 1 1/2 days after surgery if Josiah could climb into the crib with him.  Even in pain and discomfort, Isaiah absolutely loves being close to his big brother.  We are truly blessed to have 2 little boys that love each other and are best friends.  They are fiercely protective of each other.

As Josiah starts school in the next couple of weeks, things are going to be a bit tricky scheduling everything.  Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions as a couple that would be beneficial to all of us.  If anyone is able to help us out during the month of September with either sitting with Isaiah here at CHOP (including some overnights), or helping with getting Josiah back and forth to school, please let us know.  We truly are incredibly grateful for all the help we have received so far.  We cannot say "Thank you" enough, nor do we have words to adequately express how much your generosity has meant to us.  Your strength and hope helps us keep moving forward.

Please continue to pray for the following children at CHOP that are fighting to overcome serious health obstacles:  Braydee (open heart surgery), Kaitlyn, Fatima, Maria, Dwayne (waiting for a heart transplant), Aiden (brain cancer), KeVaughn (KE), Seth (needs surgery again), Hugo, Koby, Josiah, London (eye cancer), Ella (eye cancer), Olivia, Brooke (cancer), and Richie (cancer).  Thank you and God bless.

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  1. So glad to hear the good news.
    p.s. homeschool Josiah with his school books? its not that hard!