Friday, October 19, 2012


Once again, our lives were spared by God's protective shield. On Wednesday, October 17th, on our way down to CHOP, my car (Honda Pilot) was hit again, only this time more seriously. I was taking Isaiah down for his first post-hospitalization visit with surgery and pulmonology. Isaiah's nurse was also with us.  We were just coming out of a gas station when a car came driving up the middle of the road (not in a lane) and hit us almost head-on.  All air bags deployed. Thankfully, I received the brunt of the force and not Isaiah, who was sitting behind me, or his nurse.  All 3 of us were taken to the hospital.  Isaiah hit his chin and left leg, but otherwise was ok.  He was really shook up and kept his paci and bear with him all day.  The nurse hit her knees and her neck is hurt, but she is currently recovering slowly. My right arm had some radial nerve damage/injury and I lost all feeling, strength, and movement.  I thought it was broken at first. Thankfully, it's not broken, just sore with some severe air bag burns and resolving weakness.  My neck needs further evaluation by MRI for possible herniation of discs.

So, thank you for continuing to pray for all of us.  God continues to protect us.  Pray for continued healing for all our bodies and that the injuries to my neck are not too severe. Please pray for safety as I need to drive down to CHOP next Wednesday for Isaiah's surgical check-up.  Does anyone have an armored tank I could borrow?

With everything that has happened to us over the past year, it has reminded us once again that life is short and we can't take it for granted.  Please take the time to hug your family/friends and make sure that they know how much you love them and value them. Know that we love you all very much--don't ever forget that!

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