Monday, November 30, 2009


As Veterans Day passed, I was thinking about how blessed we are as a country and as a family. If it weren't for the amazing men and women that sacrifice their time and lives, my son Isaiah may not be here today. If it weren't for them protecting our freedom and ability to advance in every area of life, Isaiah could not have had the life saving surgery he needed at 6 days old. I am so grateful to these beautiful people. They are true heroes. They are men and women I want my children to know and look up too. Some of the people we would like to recognize and thank are:
Chris's family: Uncle Rich Litzenberger--Army; Cousin Matt Novia--Marines
My Family: Great Grandpa Solt; Grandpa David Solt--Navy; Grandpa Douglas Emr--Navy; Great Uncle Paul Solt; Cousin Philip Solt; Cousin Dustin Donofry
Close Friends: Corey Nawrocki--Marine (just returned from 6th tour of duty on 11/27/09), Sam Kinch--Air Force, Amy Kinch
These are just a few of the men and women that we are forever grateful too. Hopefully we didn't miss anyone. We love you and thank you!

For Thanksgiving, we were able to get together with my dad's (Emr) side of the family. We were able to go around and say what we are thankful for. Chris and I both are very thankful for our boys, and especially for Isaiah's life. We were expecting maybe 2 months with Isaiah, and here we are 9 months later enjoying his crazy, stubborn, funny personality. Also, we have been so incredibly blessed by our friends, families, church family, and all the wonderful people we've met along the way. We are just so grateful for what we have been given.

Quick Update:
Isaiah had a weigh-in on Nov. 16th, and the dietitian was relatively happy with his weight gain. However, the biggest test will be on Dec. 10th, when the whole team reevaluates him. Hopefully, we will continue on this positive uphill climb and avoid the feeding tube.

On Dec. 15th, Isaiah will be having surgery on both of his ears. He has 40% hearing loss, and Dr. Germiller believes, that with tubes, Isaiah will be able to return back to a normal hearing range. He does have significant fluid buildup behind his eardrums, and we are hoping that that's all it is and that the hearing loss is not related to more structural abnormalities. Please pray for quick recovery and no complications since Christmas is right around the corner.

HUGE PRAISE: The baby, Christopher Michael (parents are Michael and Taneka Oldham), is doing well. Christopher did survive the pulmonary hypertension crisis, which the doctors at CHOP say is a miracle. He is still down at CHOP but is no longer critical. He is breathing on his own and is no longer on any meds, but is still on low dose of sedatives to help with his withdrawal from the high amount of morphine he needed to be on due to his condition. They are trying to get him to entirely eat from a bottle/nurse before he can come home and be off the sedatives completely. WOW what a journey he has taken and what plans God must have for him because even the best children's hospital in the country didn't predict for him to live, but as we know God is bigger than the best. Thank you to those who prayed.

Today is the last day for Isaiah's fundraiser. I found out from Mike, the photographer, that there are 2 ways to still participate in the fundraiser: 1) You can pay for a portrait session today, and schedule the appointment for the pictures for later in December. Mike is an on-site photographer. He will come to your home or any where else you would like to take your friend's/family's picture; OR, 2) you can do a direct donation to Mike Landis. He has all the information you would need, since this is his fundraiser. I'm not sure what all is involved. Again, Mike's contact information is as follows: Mike Landis's website,, or contact him directly by phone 267-328-7457 or through his email address

Thank you again for all your love and support.

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