Friday, June 29, 2012


Isaiah is still in ICU, but every day is a little better. According to his surgeon, Isaiah is doing much better than he had anticipated in spite of all the damage, inflammation, leakage of toxins into his abdomen, and amount of dilated bowels which were on the verge of perforating (exploding open). He continues to have a lot of pain and we are still struggling to get it under control with the appropriate medications.

Today he is getting a PICC line placed, which is an IV that can be used long-term. His central IV line (TLC) will be taken out today, while all other lines have already been removed, which is encouraging. He continues to be on IV nutrition, and will be for awhile to allow for bowel rest and healing. It will be at least another week before they start tube feeds--they will be very conservative in reintroducing foods.

Yesterday, Isaiah sat up for 1.5 hrs at bedside playing with his toys and painting. He was so cute and it was nice to see him up and interacting with his 3 therapists. Hopefully, we will get him up to walk today, once the central line is out.

Thank you again for all the support you've given to us. We will be here for approximately another 3 weeks. We do have a place to stay in town, thanks to some wonderful friends of ours. God has been good, even though the situation has been extremely difficult.


  1. Joy, I hope you get this, I am praying so hard for Isaiah,you and your family. I so hope everything goes well for that precious baby of yours. May God bless you all. Sincerely, Corey Wishart

  2. Hi Joy. I just saw this. I haven't been checking my blogs lately. I will continue to pray. :)