Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well, your prayers have been working. Today, for the first time, Isaiah looked and seemed to be feeling much better. He was playing with us and making faces and trying to make us laugh. He kept his food down and only had one bout of diarrhea. He is SLOWLY gaining weight, and may be able to go home in the next couple of days. He will come home with the feeding tube and an apnea monitor. We enjoyed having Josiah down here for the weekend. Isaiah was so happy to see him as were we! Josiah is back now with his cousin Danny. Thank you for constantly thinking and praying for us!

We have met several amazing families and children down here at the Ronald McDonald House. We ask that you also pray for these special children: Noura(from Saudi Arabia)-fighting cancer; Alex(from Poland)-facial/cranial reconstruction; Isabella(from PA)-fighting RSV and is on a vent; Cailee-has 2 more surgeries to endure; and Derek(from PA)-having hemangiomas removed. Pray that we can stay in contact with these wonderful families and that God will show Himself real.

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