Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Night Update

Isaiah is still in the hospital. He is starting to eat but very little. It is staying down so that is an improvement. He still has a low grade fever that they are keeping under control with meds. He's also still getting his fluids by IV as he really isn't drinking much either. Joy had a rough night last night and I relieved her around noon so she could go home and take a nap. When Joy got back to the hospital, I had to head back home to relieve my parents who have been watching Josiah all afternoon. Joy told me tonight that Isaiah is have episodes where he is dropping his heart rate. Nobody is sure what this means right now. Continue to pray that this a small part of the RSV and the doctors and us are not missing something else hiding. Pray his fever breaks and he starts eating more. Then he will be able to come home.

Every obstacle the Lord puts before us, He's trying to show us something. We have seen so many blessings and met so many people we wouldn't have met through Isaiah's birth. This is just another opportunity to see God work. I pray we will see what the Lord has to show us. We just heard tonight of a mother who is expecting and the baby has complications. The mother was thinking of having an abortion but one of our friends shared Isaiah's story and that mother has since changed her mind. As if Isaiah's life isn't enough, it's great to see other's lives affected positively as well. God is GREAT!!!

Again, we'll keep everyone posted of Isaiah's progress as soon as we can. Have a great night.
Chris and Joy

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