Saturday, March 31, 2012


Good news... Isaiah has been tolerating a small amount of food by mouth since Wednesday and has been taking in tube feeds without complications. He's in great spirits, but is going stir crazy--I think we all are. The dietitian is doing daily calorie counts to see how much Isaiah is eating by mouth which in turn can lead to one less tube feed, YEAH!! He has been pain free for at least a week, with only intermittent bouts of gas pains.

Bad News... The doctors are saying ONE MORE WEEK, UGH!!!!! They have been very conservative in restarting Isaiah's feeds. They want to slowly restretch his stomach and to try to let his body acclimate to the feeds. He continues to need assistance in moving his bowels. Unfortunately, his bowels haven't normalized yet since the surgery. Also, he is on isolation precautions for Rhinovirus and C-diff. This means he can't go to the play room or down to the cafeteria. Pretty much, we are sequestered to his room.

If anyone is interested, we would greatly appreciate someone to come and sit with Isaiah during the day at CHOP from about 8am-7pm. This would allow me to stay home with Josiah (he's off this week for Easter) and allow Chris to go to work. This hospitalization has been incredibly difficult on all of us and this would give us a little reprieve. Please call Chris or me if this is something you would be able to do.

Thank you again for your continued prayers, emails, and words of encouragement.

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