Sunday, March 18, 2012


Since discharge from CHOP on Feb. 21st, Isaiah has been struggling with a significant amount of abdominal pain that is only partially controlled by pain medication. Even though the surgery has kept Isaiah from throwing up, it hasn't stopped the urge to vomit. Now, when Isaiah has stomach pain/discomfort, he just retches over and over again. It is painful for us to watch, but even more painful for him to go through. Plus, the retching aggravates the surgical site. We almost wish we could reverse the surgery to allow him to throw up again. At least then, he is only hurting our floors and not his stomach/surgical site.

Then, only a week after discharge, he became really sick. Since March 1st, Isaiah had been fighting a cold which then turned into pneumonia (complicated by asthma/allergies), double ear infections, and a sinus infection. Antibiotics and pain meds have been limited in their scope in helping him recover.

We are asking for you to pray specifically for healing in his little body. He is in alot of pain, having difficulty sleeping and breathing, and he is regularly retching. We don't know what else to do for him. We need God to intervene sooner than later and heal Isaiah.

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  1. So very sorry he's having such a hard time. Praying for you all.