Sunday, September 23, 2012

"I'M FREE!!! I'M FREE!!!"

These are the words Isaiah said the day the nurses removed the PICC line from his right arm.  The PICC was the last of the IVs that kept Isaiah connected and tied down to a pole.  He went running down the hallway, with his arms up in the air, yelling, "I'm free!  I'm free!"  He was all excited that he was finally disconnected from everything.  He had been attached to some form of IV, life support, monitoring device, etc. for 3 months.  He had all the staff laughing at his very expressive statement.  On the day of his discharge, he received many hugs and kisses good-bye.  They all said he would be greatly missed.  I know he already misses all his "girlfriends" and his "buddies".  He is such a lover!

We finally made it home this past Monday--Praise the Lord!!!  It has been overwhelming trying to get back into the swing of things without the additional help and support from CHOP personnel and the PRMH.  Thank you to everyone that helped us out while we were down in Philly.  We could not have survived without your generosity and sacrifice of time.  We are also so grateful to the people from our church, Calvary of Souderton, that came and cleaned our home as well as provided food and gifts for all of us as they welcomed us home.  We also had a friend of my aunt's help clean and make our home more livable, for which we are grateful.  We cannot thank those of you enough for the provided meals.  We still have a lot to get adjusted to, but in a few more weeks, hopefully, we will have some semblance of order reestablished.

Few things that we need prayer for:
1. Our home insurance did NOT cover for new flooring to be put in--they paid for only a partial replacement  of one room.
2. The boys and I are really suffering from our allergies to the mold in our carpets.  We are back on Albuterol inhalers for the time being.  Please pray that we won't have worsening of our symptoms or become more ill.
3. We still are waiting to hear if we received the grant for financial aid to help cover all the costs we've accrued over the past 4 months as well as new flooring.  I am still out of work until Isaiah and our home-life stabilizes.

Thank you for supporting us on this journey.  Isaiah is here because of the faithful prayers of many and his story continues to be told world-wide because of your faithfulness in spreading the awesome power and goodness of God.

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