Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Good News but still Need Your Prayers

Hi everyone,

We wanted to wait till we had some concrete news before posting anything. It has been quite a roller coaster down here.

First and foremost we are so happy to we have a gracious and loving Savior in our lives. He is giving us strength amongst the storm. Thank you also, for all those that are praying for us. "The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their cry. (Ps 34.15)"

Now for some good news.
The one test confirmed that there was drainage from the liver. He does not have the life-threatening biliary atresia like they thought. This is a HUGE praise. Isaiah will not need this surgery for his liver at this time, but will still need to be monitored due to the fact that they still cannot find his gallbladder.

Isaiah had a repeat echo-cardiogram to confirm that the hole he initially had in his heart did close. Praise the Lord for His good works! The hole did close.
Isaiah also had a repeat MRI. The MRI showed no excess buildup of fluid in his brain. He does have prominent ventricles, but sometimes boys do have more prominent (bigger) ventricles. They feel at this time, that that is all this is. Isaiah will still have to be monitored by measuring head growth and seeing if he is meeting his milestone markers of development.

Isaiah also had his left hand and arm splinted to start the correction process of returning the hand back to the top of the wrist (ulna bone). He REALLY does NOT like the splint.

Also, Joy was discharged from the hospital yesterday night. We were able to stay almost till midnight so we could spend time with Isaiah. We were also able to get into the Ronald McDonald house which is a mile down the road. We have a beautiful room and the people here are wonderful and helpful. They have a shuttle to and from the hospital. We are thanking the Lord that he provided a close and inexpensive place for us to stay. Joy's mom flies in this weekend and will join us on Monday. Hopefully if all goes well, we will also be able to have Josiah down with us.

Our biggest prayer request is that Isaiah is now planned to go into surgery on Thursday morning or afternoon. (This terrifies us!)
There is a web like membrane blocking food from going into his large intestine. The doctors will go in and create a by-pass to fix this. In a couple days and if all goes well, Isaiah will be able to start feedings. Hopefully, in 1-3 weeks, he will be able to eat and nurse regularly. This has been hard for Joy not to nurse up to this point. She has sometimes felt helpless not being able to help/heal her little boy. Please pray that Isaiah gets over this hurdle and that Joy for continues to heal and gain her strength back.

We were able to have Josiah down here today to visit, thanks to one of our wonderful sisters-in-law, Lori. (We have been blessed with a wonderful extended family.) Josiah was actually asking to see "baby", and he called Isaiah, "brother". Josiah also calls Isaiah, "Zaiah". It was really very cute and we were excited to see Josiah trying to bond with Isaiah.

Thank you again for all your prayers.


  1. please let joy know we are praying here at our house for Isaiah. Tho i haven't seen or talked to in you over 10 years - a mother knows what another mother is feeling...i love you jemmer! We're praying he can come home!

    love, Joy (marquette)and Theo, Isaac, Bailley and Brittany Caldwell

  2. I am praying for you all and will be praying especially for his surgery Thursday! The professional pictures of you all are gorgeous!
    Love, Bethany Boykin

  3. Uncle Bruce & I are upholding all of you in prayer especially tomorrow as Isaiah goes for surgery. God is control & His desire will be perfect. We love all of you so much.
    Aunt Liz

  4. Tears of joy for all of the great reports! Wow, God is gracious! Con't prayer for the journey ahead. Love, Becca

  5. What a handsome little baby you have--he's just beautiful! We are praying for safe surgery and speedy recovery for Isaiah--that the Great Physician will touch his little body and heal him so you can take him home soon! Thank you for keeping us posted--we pray daily!
    Love, Jennifer Harder

  6. Praise the Lord for the positive news!!! The pictures are wonderful...he's absolutely beautiful!!! We'll be praying that surgery goes well tomorrow. We love you guys...the Barths

  7. I will be keeping Isaiah and you in my prayers tomorrow! God is good....all the time!!!

  8. Praise God for answered prayer! You are all in my constant thoughts and prayers and I love you all very much! God is so good!

  9. Lord, please keep the miracles coming...praying for baby Isaiah and all of your family for strength and peace...wonderful news so far though! SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS to have something positive to report! :)

    Jennifer (Mengel) Fanucci

  10. Hi Joy and Chris, This is Stacy and Brian's friend Kelly. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful Isaiah is and that I keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Having a sick child is not an easy thing. I found out first hand babies are stronger then I ever imagined. I also found out that we as parents are stronger then we could ever imagine! I wish nothing but the best for your family.