Sunday, February 1, 2009

Urgent Prayer Requests…

Dear Family and Friends,

We have some urgent prayer requests that we would like you all to pray for. We honestly feel everyone’s prayers. God uses them to keep us going, give us strength, and give us hope to face another day.

We were down at CHOP again last Thursday, Jan. 29th. We were supposed to meet with the neonatal surgeon, Dr. Holly Hedrick, but she was pulled away to surgery and we never got to meet with her. Instead we met with everyone else on the CHOP team, which included a nurse midwife, an in-patient OB/GYN doctor, a social worker, an anesthesiologist, our regular OB doctor, and we received a tour of the NICU and the new maternity ward. Everyone was very nice and took a lot of time with us. They never rushed us. We were treated like the most important people at that time. They helped put our minds at ease with our transfer of care officially down to CHOP.

We had another ultrasound while were we there. Isaiah is growing nicely. He is approximately 5 lbs. Unfortunately, he has more fluid on his brain and has borderline hydrocephaly (water on the brain, not just in the ventricles). I am still hoping he can be born naturally, which leads us to our prayer requests.

The most pressing issues right now are as follows:
1) All of us have been sick. Josiah is recovering from pneumonia, RSV, and an ear infection. Thankfully, we caught it in time and he didn’t end up in the hospital like he did last year, but we still had to postpone his 2nd birthday party. Chris and I have been fighting colds, but then on Sat. I ended up with food poisoning from Olive Garden. Pray that we all get better soon.
2) Isaiah is breech again, and the doctors at CHOP are tentatively scheduling a C-section for my 38th week (around the 3rd week of Feb)of pregnancy. I am terrified of having a C-section, because I need to be able to get around and help take care of a sick baby. Pray that Isaiah turns head down and makes it home for 2 months.
3) On Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, we are back down at CHOP for an amniocentesis. They will hopefully determine exactly what Isaiah has so we can prepare a plan of care for him. They will also be taking blood from both Chris and me for further testing. I am scared about having the amniocentesis done. Pray for steady hands for Dr. Johnson and calmness of heart for me, and that we will be over our colds by Tuesday.
4) Pray that I will be able to pick up some work in the hospital before Isaiah comes.
5) Lastly, we have some unspoken requests that really need God’s intervention. Pray that God works out the situations for us.

Thanks again for all of your support. Please keep in touch. We have been encouraged to know that even people we have not seen or talked to in many years have been praying on our behalf.


  1. Just a quick note to let you know you are all in our prayers daily. I have never met you personally but through Heather have heard all about your present journey. We are praying for your needs to met by the great physcian, we know he is able and willing. Praying for you each step of the way!~

  2. We continue to send our our positive thoughts and prayers to you.
    Meloney, Manny, Joey, Mia & Cierra

  3. Bob and Lori MeyersFebruary 1, 2009 at 11:37 PM

    We send our love and prayers. Nothing is too hard for the God of the Universe- may we all trust Him more and more! We are truly sensitized toward you all and your circumstances, including your unspoken requests.

    Bob & Lori Meyers

  4. Praying that you will continue to see God in all of this--all of our support and prayers, Sarah Holmes

  5. You all are always in my thoughts and prayers and I will continue to keep you all on the top of my prayer list. I admire your strength and courage and undying faith/love for Jesus. If you do need a C-section we will all pull together and help you while you are recovering. Lots of people love you all and will be here for you for whatever it is that you need. Know and trust that you can lean on us. Your friendship has been a blessing to me and I am here for you always in all ways. I love you Baby J!

  6. Not a day passes by that I do not think of you or pray for you for the last several months. Keep strong. Elena

    Chris's co-worker

  7. God is with you. I know at times it doesn't seem that way, but he promises to be our courage and strength even when we feel like there is nothing left.

  8. Chris, Joy, Josiah & Isaiah...You are all in our prayers. Praise God that He is walking this journey with you. You will be blessed by His presence.
    PS Joy,I knew your Grandparents, & some of your Aunts from North Syracuse Baptist Church. My sister Rita is a friend of Lillian.

  9. You four dear ones are in our prayers many times during the days. Will pray especially for the amiocentesis tomorrow. God is with you and He has created precious Isaiah. Love Mom

  10. Joy, do not be afraid of a c -section, I had one giving birth to my 4th child and he was very sick, apgar of 1 and was in Bryn Mawr NICU for a month, I left within 48 hours to be with him and you can do will also bleed less after wards. My ankles swelled from walking and abit of high BP but it all went away. I am praying for you and you little one. Love, Beverly Nikerle

  11. Joy and Chris- We're praying for you and your family. We haven't seen you in years but I keep up with happenings with your mom. I am encouraged by your testimony- God is good even when we may not see the good.
    Love, Cheryl and Rich Schlosser

  12. Dear Joy and family,

    Tammy forwarded this link to me and I am so sorry to hear of your sick little one. We will be praying for you and your family, for time with Isaiah and peace and comfort for you.

    With love,
    Joy (Wolski) Hearn and family

  13. joy and Chris...Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us...As a mom my heart aches for all you must be feeling...We pray for you and love you guys...Tim and Jen Connors

  14. Joy, I don't know if you remember me, but my mom has been forwarding your emails to me. Our church is praying for you and your family. We are so thankful for your amazing testimony of God's strength and grace. We will be praying that Isaiah turns for you and that you will not have to have a c-section.

    Love In Christ,
    Marianne (Palmer) Ayers

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  16. Chris and Joy, I met you one Sunday when you visited Woodside Bible Church with Heather. I am praying for both of you during this anxious time. We have a big God and you are in His care!! Will also pray for your unspoken requests. Ellie Steppey